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Determining Your Trampoline Model

Figuring out which model Airzone above-ground trampoline you have is surprisingly easy, even if you no longer have the user manual. This handy guide will help you determine your model size and number by counting springs per rail segment!

Our 8’ mats are 56 springs, or 7 per rail segment (only 8 rails on this trampoline). Model numbers are AZJ-8 or WM-00418.

Our 12’ mats are 72 springs, or 6 per rail segment. Model numbers are AZJ-12 or WM-00512.

Our 14’ mats are 84 springs, or 7 per rail segment. Model AZJ-14.

Our 15’ mats are 96 springs, or 8 per rail segment. Model AZJ-15 or WM-00615.

 All WM- models have blue enclosure pole caps that the net hangs from, as opposed to black caps on most AZJ models that hold the steel ring at the top. Additionally, all WM model trampolines utilize nuts and bolts to assemble the enclosure poles to the framing.

The only exception to this is the Walmart exclusive AZJ-14AW, which utilizes 72 springs like the 12, but is a larger 14' mat. If you have that trampoline, you would have blue caps at the top of the enclosure netting. This trampoline also does not have hardware connecting the enclosure poles to the frame. It's an important distinction, because AZJ-14 parts are not compatible with AZJ-14AW. AZJ-14AW parts are 1/4" smaller than the other socket-style poles.